Marilu's Catering Menu

Read below to learn about just some of menu options
we offer for your next event or meeting!


- Spanakopita

Spinach & Feta Cheese wrapped in puff pastry


- Water Chestnuts

Wrapped in bacon rolled in sweet and tangy sauce

- Pulled Pork

Pork barbecue on homemade banana bread

- Bite Size Reuben's

Corned beef, thousand island, sauerkraut, on mini rye toast

- Honey Pork & Mango Kabobs

Marinated pork tenderloin in a blend of tropical fruit

- Teriyaki Beef Kabobs

Topped with toasted sesame seeds

- Greek Chicken Meatballs (We use chicken sausage)

Rolled with feta cheese and spinach

- Italian Meatballs

In our homemade red sauce

- Swedish Meatballs

Baked in a light brown sauce

- Sweet Meatballs

Breaded with pound cake for a sweet & tangy flavor

- Sliders

Beef, buffalo chicken, sausage, or black bean


- Shrimp Cocktail

Made with our spicy cocktail sauce

- Stuffed Mushrooms

Greek, crab, pepperoni & sausage, three cheese, or bacon & cheddar

- Vegetable Platter

Choice of one dip: Carrot dip, Ranch, Sour cream & onion, Dipping Dilly or Hoppin Jalapeno

- Vegetable Platter

Choice of one dip: Carrot dip, Ranch, Onion & chive, Dipping Dilly or Hoppin Jalapeno

- Assorted Cheese & Cracker Tray

- Fruit tray with yogurt dip

- Stuffed Portobello Mushrooms

With spinach and sun-dried tomatoes

- Asparagus

Wrapped in prosciutto & boursin cheese

- Deviled Eggs

Wrapped with peppered bacon

- Roasted Red Pepper Hummus

Pita bread with crisp cucumber slices and fresh dill

- Stuffed Peppa Deu Peppers

With white beans, scallions and goat cheese


Homemade dressing's choices: Balsamic Italian, Raspberry Vinaigrette, Ranch, Greek

- Tossed Salad

Never bagged lettuce, always fresh!

- Caesar Salad


Feta, olives, scallions, lemon, oil & vinegar

- Spinach salad

Walnuts, crumbled bacon, craisens, egg, and raspberry vinaigrette

- Pasta Salad

Vegetarian (Meat can be added)

- Bow-tie pasta salad

With shrimp, fresh ginger, cilantro, red onion, & carrots

- TRADITIONAL Potato salad

- Hot German potato salad

Made with cheese & bacon

- Roasted sweet potato salad

Our most popular! Oven roasted sweet potatoes with roasted red peppers, cilantro, and scallions

- Macaroni salad

- Coleslaw

- Black rice Scallions and sweet potatoes

- Rosa Marina (Orzo)

With grilled vegetables and white beans

- Tri-colored pepper salad

"pops" with color-diced peppers with black eyed peas, feta cheese, black beans, garlic & fresh basil

- Sesame Chicken Salad

- Chicken Spiedie Salad

Everyone's favorite

Dips and spreads

- Southwestern cheesecakes

Cheddar cheese, sour cream, cream cheese with green chilies or Jalapenos, baked and served with nachos and salsa

- Black bean dip

Black beans, corn, tomatoes, garlic, fresh cilantro and pepper jack & cheddar cheeses

- Guacamole

Mild to fiesta style

- Havarti & Sun-dried tomato cheesecake dip

Sun-dried tomatoes, green onions, cream cheese, herbs and Havarti cheese served with assorted crackers

- Hot feta and artichoke dip

Marinated artichoke hearts with feta, parmesan and a touch of Tabasco for that extra kick!


- Spinach & vegetable dip

Perfect in a bread boat!

- Carrot dip

Fabulous with veggies! Creamy dip with a hint of soy & horseradish


Roasted eggplant with toasted pine nuts, tahini and seasonings

Carving stations

- Fresh spiral ham

With Dijon mustard sauce

- Roasted turkey breast

With cranberry mayonnaise

- Beef tenderloin

With horseradish sauce

- Seasoned pork roast

So good it stands alone

- London broil

- Pork Tenderloin

Topped with a blackberry sauce


- Vegetable medley

Cauliflower, broccoli and carrots-cheese sauce optional

- Italian style

Zucchini, yellow squash, garlic, red onions all sautéed in olive oil and butter

- Green beans

Topped with melted feta cheese and hot red pepper flakes

- Grilled marinated veggies

- Homemade baked beans

Bits of bacon or vegetarian

- Harvard beets

Better than grandma made them!




- Twice baked potatoes

- Couscous

Great alone or with grilled veggies

- Salt potatoes

- Rice and beans, or any combination of rice blend

- Rosemary roasted potatoes

- Garlic mashed potatoes

- Baked sweet potatoes

Or tray them twice baked


- Chicken, broccoli & fusilli

In a garlic cream sauce

- Hot baby shells

In a marinara sauce tossed with hot cherry peppers & sharp provolone

- Tortellini

With mushrooms and prosciutto in a basil cream sauce

- Lasagna

Your choice of beef, sausage, pepperoni, seafood or vegetarian in our red or Alfredo sauce

- Stuffed shells

With homemade sauce & mozzarella cheese

- Baked ziti

Try it with crisp pepperoni tossed in!

- Manicotti OR rigatoni parmesan

- Eggplant parmesan

- Beans & greens

Tossed in olive oil & garlic with beans and spinach

- Penne a la vodka


- Pasta Primavera

Fresh seasonal vegetables sauteed in olive oil


- Enchiladas

Beef, chicken, & vegetable with cheese, your choice

- Quesadilla bar

Beef, chicken or vegetarian with black beans, Mexican cheese, salsa, sour cream, fresh cilantro then add any other fixin's you like

- Mexican spuds

Baked potatoes stuffed with Mexican cheese, corn, tomatoes, black beans and red peppers

- Taco bar

Soft or hard tacos with all the fixin's

- Cheesy Chorizo Frittata

- Tlayudas

Tortilla crusted Mexican style pizzas

- Shrimp Tostadas



- Omelet station

Build your own! Mushrooms, onion peppers, tomato, cheese, broccoli, etc...

- Oven Roasted Potatoes

Seasoned to perfection

- Crispy bacon/grilled ham off the bone/sausage (Choose one)

- Pancakes or French toast

- Assorted mini muffins or Danish

- Bagels with cream cheese

- Juice & coffee

- Quiche

Serves 8 (Additional $16 each)

- Breakfast Burritos


- Filet mignon

Encrusted with black pepper & fresh garlic

- Greek tenderloin

Filet stuffed with feta cheese & spinach, topped with shallots and white wine

- Filet marsala

Tenderloin medallions grilled to perfection with Portobello mushrooms, roasted garlic in marsala wine

- London broil

- New York strip or rib eye steak

Grilled to perfection

- Shepherd's Pie


- Autumn chicken

Tender breast topped with dried apricot, golden raisins, fresh mushrooms, tomatoes and spinach with cider glaze

- Monterey jack chicken breast

Smothered with shitake mushrooms, bacon, and jack cheese accompanied by honey mustard sauce

- Chicken marsala

Boneless breast sautéed in marsala wine & garlic, with Portobello mushrooms

- Greek chicken breast

Stuffed with feta cheese & spinach, topped with shallots and white wine

- Chicken picotta

Tender breast sautéed in garlic, lemon & capers

- Chicken Florentine

Chicken breast topped with Swiss cheese and spinach then smothered in light cheddar Dijon sauce

- Chicken parmesan

Seasoned, breaded breast covered in gourmet homemade red sauce, smothered with Italian cheeses

- Marinated chicken breast

Tender and juicy, marinated in Italian spices and grilled to perfection

- Chicken Oscar

Tender breast topped with crab meat and asparagus and drizzled with hollandaise sauce


- Stuffed pork chops

- Barbecued pork tenderloin

Rolled in macadamia nuts

- Peach pork chops

Boneless center cut chops seared and served in a caramelized peach liqueur sauce

- Marilu's famous pulled pork

Tender pork, slow roasted in our homemade barbecue sauce


- Marinated grilled lamb chops

- Hazelnut encrusted rack of lamb

- Lamb sliders with mint pesto


- Swordfish kabobs

- Salmon

In a creamy orange dill sauce or grilled with a maple honey dijon glaze

- Stuffed filet of sole

Crab or seafood stuffing

- Greenberg's surf & turf

Filet mignon, shrimp, clams and crab meat tossed with a red cream sauce over linguine

- Grilled tuna steaks

- Orange Roughy

Broiled in Cajun Style or chardonnay & garlic sauce

- Grilled sea bass

- Steamed little neck clams

- Pecan Encrusted Cod Filets


- Finger lickin' fallin' off the bone, melt in y'r mouth ribs

- Quarter/ half chickens

Always moist, never dry

- Spiedies

Chicken, pork, lamb, or beef

- NY strip or Delmonico steak

- Sausage, peppers & onions, burgers and dogs


With avocado slaw



Pig roast

$30 per person

- Fresh basted Pig

- Baked ziti

- Salt potatoes

- Baked beans

- Choice of 2 salads- mac, pasta, potato, or tossed

- Rolls & homemade bbq sauce

- Paper products

Homemade desserts

- Grandma's whiskey cake

- Chocolate chip cake

- Banana cake with cream cheese frosting

- Homemade Brownies

- Chocolate sheet cake with cinnamon mocha frosting

- Weight watchers chocolate or spice cake muffins

- Assorted cookies